Interactive Voice Response

We are proud to announce the arrival of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to get you that car there even faster. You can now order a taxi without the need to speak to an operator. In fact the phone doesn’t even ring. If you call from a land line, your address will be recognized by our software and you will be asked if you require a taxi immediately. If you do, you simply press number 1 on your telephone keypad and your booking will automatically take place and you will get the next available taxi.


If you use a mobile, just register your number and choose your three favorite pick-up points and the software will ask you which one you are at. Once again the nearest car will be dispatched. You can register by calling the office, via this site or with one of our drivers.


And of course, you can still speak to an operator if you wish, just press ‘0’.

Ring Back

You don’t have to wait in the window or stand in the cold when you book a Bluestar Taxi, just ask our operators and we’ll give your phone a couple of rings when your taxi’s outside.

When you are registered, it’s simple.
1. Ring 242424
2. Hit 1, 2 or 3 on your telephone keypad
3. Hit 1 to confirm

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!!